TOP TEN Head Guards, Gloves and Kicks

TOP TEN Head Guards Point Fighter Sparring Gloves Karate Fight Kicks
TOP TEN Head Guards
This is the absolute best investment in sparring equipment. TOP TEN has a life-long proven record in safety and durability. The choice of world-class athletes for almost 2 decades.
TOP TEN Sparring Gloves
These sport karate gloves are perfect for point fighting and continuous fighting and have closed fingers and thumbs. Incredible gloves that last orders-of-magnitude longer than their foam-dipped equivalent.
TOP TEN Karate Kicks
Protective karate sparring kicks made with the same Bayflex padding as the head gear offering maximum protection. Super durable and surprisingly light-weight.
Sharkwear Sports offers a full line of
TOP TEN head guards, karate gloves and kicks.